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An Old Kind of Church Community

As a dedicated and diverse community of missionary people, we follow the Holy Spirit into the world proclaiming the transformative love of Jesus Christ. We develop meaningful relationship with each other, our neighborhoods and communities, dedicated to loving and serving all.


We seek to offend with our generosity. From haircuts to laundry to meals, we believe in reaching out to those in need. We start with abundance and welcome everyone.

All are Welcome

We actively invite all people to come and experience the love of Christ—all means all. We desire the creativity and faith of all people.

Who We Are

As a Church without walls, we do not have a single gathering place. Instead, we gather in the public square. Here is how:

Missional Communities

Our communities gather weekly and always incorporate a meal, prayer, and discussion. Each one feels different, check them out below to find a good fit!

Abundant Harvest Food Truck

We provide volunteers and support our Abundant Harvest Food Truck which serves our neighborhoods by gathering people around the table, amplifying the good of work of others, and feeding the hungry.

Laundry Love

Laundry Love gathers us all together monthly in service of our community It is an opportunity for free fellowship, food, haircuts, and laundry. No Strings Attached!

Pub Theology

We gather weekly at Hop Scholar Ale House to have respectful theological and philosophical discussion in the public forum. Each week offers new questions for discussion, and we invite people from all relgious and secular perspectives.


Slam poetry, prophetic artistry, and culinary expression, with one goal: Suburban Disruption. Starting in April, come to experience the sacred in the profane.

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Each St. Isidore Missional Community is different. They all meet weekly, but how they gather is unique. Some communities are family friendly, and some are not. Some have more formalized worship, while others are super-relaxed. Check them all out to find out a which one is good fit. No matter where you go, you will find a group of people who love and serve.

Grogans Mill House Church

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Grogans Mill House Church
Rayford Road House Church

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Rayford Road House Church
Taco Church - Males Only

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Taco Church - Males Only

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